Indian Ocean High Risk Area likely to be removed


A submission to the IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee on 22 August by industry bodies has proposed removal of the ‘Indian Ocean High Risk Area’ (HRA). Concerted counter-piracy efforts by many regional and international stakeholders for the past 10 years have reduced the threat, and if the IMO ratifies the decision on 31 October the area will be


Security advisory for Black Sea and Azov Sea


Due to the ongoing security situation in and around the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) and territorial waters of the Ukraine and the Russian Federation, there is a security level 3 in the sea and rivers ports of Ukraine. Ship owners and masters are reminded this is a dynamic situation and changes may occur at any time leading to dangerous sea


700kg cocaine found on Maersk vessel


The Australian Border Force are seeking information about the criminals responsible for 700kg cocaine found hidden aboard the container ship Maersk Inverness. The haul was found during an inspection of shipping containers packaged in denim bags inside a shipping container described as containing wood products.

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